Feb 25, 2014

In TV: Here Kim Kardashian can tune their breasts [video]

Here Kim Kardashian can tune their breasts

It's always the same with the celebrities: They are beautiful, have millions in the bank and be adored by their fans. Nevertheless, they always want more money and above all always look perfect - to the chagrin of its supporters. Even Kim Kardashian, which has already lost some sympathy because of its obvious interventions can obviously get never enough. Now they can even have their breasts lasers and shows that too on TV.

Kim Kardashian seems to be one of those people who are never satisfied with themselves. Otherwise leave the latest intervention by the TV stars, which are for all the world to see in "Keeping up with the Kardashians", hardly explain. There, Kim was now just using a laser to remove stretch marks on her breasts. But that's not all! Also, a scar on her big toe had to give way and also with their hands Kim is far from satisfactory. "I'm obsessed with my hands., You are so wrinkled. Can we do anything?" She wants to know from the doctor. And certainly there can also be a solution to find, after all, is for a Kim Kardashian probably nothing impossible. You may well be curious about what interventions, the reality star undergoes next.

Here Kim Kardashian can tune their breasts