Feb 18, 2014

In Sochi police detained Tolokonnikova and Alekhine

Hope Tolokonnikova and Maria Alekhina detained in connection with the theft, which was made at the hotel where they live. This "Interfax" stated in the Department of Internal Affairs of Sochi.

As emphasized by the police, along with Alekhina and Tolokonnikova police interrogate all hotel guests. Adler Head Police Department said that the girl did not formally delivered to the site, and invited for interview. Told "Heathcliff" said lawyer Alexander Popkov, who arrived in the department. The hotel "Malachite" stated that they recorded case of theft of the purse, according to WSJ.

Activists were arrested on February 18 in the afternoon near the seaport. They were placed in the paddy wagon and taken to the police station. Together with Tolokonnikova and Alekhina, according Popkov detained 12-15 people, including a journalist of "Novaya Gazeta" Eugene Feldman. Journalist of "Radio Liberty" Anastasia Kirilenko published a video from the site.

Hope Tolokonnikova told that in Sochi activists came to a series of actions, namely to come up with the song "Putin will teach you to love their homeland." Composition dedicated activists who are being persecuted for political reasons. The speeches by participants Pussy Riot planned to mount a music video. At the moment of detention, according Tolokonnikova, they did not spend the shares, and just walking down the street.

Tolokonnikova and Alekhina in late 2013 under an amnesty came from the colony, where he was serving two-year terms for the performance of the song "Lady, Putin Put . " After his release from prison girls traveled to Europe and the U.S., and on his return to Russia went to Sochi.