Feb 14, 2014

Hollywood mourns! Ralph Waite died

Great sadness in Hollywood: Within a few days you have to say goodbye to Shirley Temple now of another drama-size. Ralp Waite is peacefully asleep yesterday. The hollywood reporter reported, citing Waites press secretary. The Hollywood star was 85 years old. 

Best known Ralph Waite for his role in the cult series "The Waltons", where he played the family head John Walton Sr.. He had one of his last appearances on the American soap opera "Days of Our Lives". Since Ralph Waite made his debut in the 1960s, he appeared in numerous film and television productions as an actor. He played small roles in such renowned shows such as Cold Case, Bones, Grey's Anatomy or NCIS. In the thriller "Bodyguard" of the 1992 Ralph Waite played alongside music legend Whitney Houston (48) and actor Kevin Costner (59).

The Hollywood star is survived by his third wife two daughters. With its numerous films Ralph Waite will be memorable.