Feb 1, 2014

Great grief: Maximilian Schell died

Recently shocked the message, the Austrian-Swiss actor Maximilian Schell (83) should have been admitted to a hospital because of a bad pneumonia, the public. Although the world-famous mime had been discharged from the hospital in Kitzbühel, Austria, a few days ago, but now the sad fact: The actor has lost the battle against the disease.

"It's all very well," his spokeswoman had announced a few days ago. But then on Saturday confirmed his agent Patricia tree peasant loud Focus Online that Schell had "died sudden and serious illness" from the consequences of. Born in Vienna in 1930 actor had made a name in the course of his life around the world. Engagements at theaters in Essen, Bonn, Munich and Berlin have made him one of the most celebrated actors in Germany, his commitment on Broadway did the rest. After the 2nd World War II was the first German-language Schell actor who won the Academy Award: For his role of a war crimes prosecutor in he was awarded the 1962 "Judgment at Nuremberg" the coveted trophy. Until recently, he was active in his profession: Shortly before his death, he still turned for ZDF

Schell is survived by his wife, the opera singer Iva Mihanovic (35), which he only on 20. August had married in 2013, and a daughter. We speak to the family and friends our sincere condolences and wish them strength in this difficult time.