Feb 4, 2014

final trailer of Divergent: Kate Winslet and others

Last night on the American talk show "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Shayleen Woodley and Theo James presented to the public the final teaser trailer sci-fi thriller "Divergent", which very soon will appear on wide screens - tape release is scheduled for the second half of March. 

Kate Winslet in the final teaser trailer of Divergent

leading role in the project director Neil Berger also performed Kate Winslet, Ashley Judd and other Hollywood stars.

The film is the first novel of a trilogy author Veronica Roth, whose work is constantly compared with the works of the author "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins.

scene of the tape is Chicago in the future, the population of which is divided into five groups according to the type of personality: Selfless, honest, brave, intelligent and peace-loving. Reaching the age of 16, each person can make a choice - stay with your family or group to change and are likely to lose all contact with their relatives.

Main heroine tape all of a sudden decides in favor of the second option. However, after some time the girl learns that she is not included in any of the factions. She elected - divergent, people with hidden abilities not only to one group, as it should be, and to three. Of course, the government is dissatisfied with such news ...

Woodley in this story got the main female role, and her lover played by James. Winslet is in this picture brought before us as a villain.

final trailer Divergent

final trailer Divergent

final trailer Divergent

final trailer Divergent