Feb 1, 2014

Fergie with her son on the set of advertising

Filming for the new advertising Avon singer Fergie became particularly pleasant. After 38-year-old mom assisted her little son Axel Jack. 5-month-old toddler is sitting quietly at Fergie on your hands until baby daddy Josh Duhamel pictures of his family. It should be noted that since less than six months postpartum, and the singer looks amazing - slender legs, trim figure, radiant appearance.

To advertise Fergie wore a red mini-dress, which was entirely embroidered with sequins, and added black image and white pumps. Toddler Axel also that more mod - in jeans and sneakers, a jacket and a cap-kengurushka - it is like a small little man.

Recall Jack Axel was born in August 2013. Despite his young age, he tries to imitate my mother:

He's trying to talk to me and even sing. I sit next to him sing something to him, and he looked at me attentively, sometimes laughing, and even tries to repeat something for me. It really makes a strange sound, and I slap him and rejoice. Proud of my child.

Despite the fact that some kid in the makings artist is still there, Fergie is not concerned about who he will be when he grows up:

 I will support him always and everywhere.

In an interview, Fergie was asked if she wanted her daughter to buy her different outfits, teach apply makeup, etc., to which the singer replied: "It was wonderful." After such an optimistic answer, I hope that the baby will be in the future Axel sister.