Feb 22, 2014

Evgeni Plushenko broke the screw in the spine

Do Evgeni Plushenko broke the screw in the spine

Evgeni Plushenko, who injured his back during a workout before the performance at the Olympic Games in Sochi, broke one of the four screws that hold the artificial intervertebral disc. This disc was implanted athlete year ago during spinal surgery in Israel.

This was announced in an Israeli hospital, where Plushenko flew to the survey, together with his wife Jana Rudkovskoj.

Doctor Ilya Pekarskii commented First news channel:

This piece screw, it is broken. He did not move, he just broke down, nothing yet departed.

Medic added that if the screw continued to move, he would have entered into the spinal cord, which can lead to disability Plushenko:

He could go out on a perambulator.

Eugene admitted that the news of his "just killed":

I felt that something had happened, but did not feel it could reach such I could not walk, I could be paralyzed.

March 2 Plushenko waiting for a new operation. Doctors believe that the restoration would need around six months and if it succeeds, it will be able to ride again.

Recall Plushenko planned farewell ice show, the beginning of the tour has been postponed from March to September. Now it may be postponed again.

At the Olympics in Sochi Plushenko won the gold medal in the team tournament. He was second in the short program and won the free program. Before rolling out on a short program of individual competitions he unsuccessfully completed the leap and decided not to go on the ice.