Feb 15, 2014

Ellen Page has announced his sexual orientation (VIDEO)

Recently at a conference in support of the LGBT community in Las Vegas star "Juno" Ellen Page has announced his sexual orientation:

I am here today because I am a lesbian. Maybe I can change something and help others. I feel a personal obligation and responsibility to society. 

26-year-old Ellen continued:
All this is strange: I'm an actress, which in some ways is an industry that imposes on us all unrealistic standards. Not only young people, but at all. Standards of beauty. Successful life. Forced to admit that such standards and influenced me.

To mind put certain ideas, thoughts, which did not exist before. They tell you how to behave, how to dress and what to be. I'm trying to counter this, be yourself, follow your heart. But it's hard. 

    At the end of the speech the actress wished everyone a happy Valentine's Day.

    Later in Twitter Paige thanked fans for their support.

    Note that in the near future we will see an independent drama "Freeheld", which together with Paige plays Julianne Moore.