Feb 5, 2014

Elizabeth Hurley had an affair with Bill Clinton?

There are reports that Bill Clinton had an affair with Elizabeth Hurley: According to press reports, the relationship lasted about a year.

The journalists Radar Online got a recorded conversation with a former lover Tom Sizmorom Hollywood actress. With Tom met Elizabeth for about three years. They met in 1992 on the shooting of the film "Passenger 57».

Record, by the way has been made in the last month. So, Sizmor claims that in 1998 began an affair between Elizabeth and President of the United States of America, and met fans adultery thanks Tom.

During a demonstration of the film "Saving Private Ryan" in the White House, Clinton called Tom, took in one of the rooms and asked whether it was true that Sizmor maintains relationships with Elizabeth Hurley. Received a positive response, the president of America lash out (according to Tom) and literally demanded phone Hurley. Bill dialed Elizabeth at Tome. Actress first took over all a hoax, but Clinton was insistent and even sent his private jet for her.

According to Tom, the novel's first husband and Elizabeth state lasted about a year. Naturally, his wife Hilary nothing guessed. After Bill twisted romance with kakoy0to obscure young actress, Hurley stopped a relationship with him.

Official confirmation or refutation of such information nor Clinton nor Hurley did.