Feb 17, 2014

Designer Michele Savoia died

Michele Savoia, better known among movie stars and show business as a "tailor-Savoie," found dead.

He was last seen on February 13 4:00 am leaving a party in honor of the birth of Paris Hilton, which was held at the Manhattan nightclub. The next day, his personal driver announced that the designer has gone missing.

Designer body was found on Sunday morning in the Hudson River near their own homes. Cause of death has not been determined, but police believe that Savoy likely fell overboard his yacht, which used to come spend the night in a state of intoxication.

Born in New Jersey, Michelle wanted to become an illustrator for Walt Disney. He changed his mind when one of his masters proposed to use the talent in the fashionable way. According to Savoy, father and grandfather also inspired him to choose a profession:
My grandfather was a Sicilian tailor who in 1933 landed in Hoboken. My father taught me to dress. 
Savoie in 1970 graduated from the University of Technology of fashion, and in 1984 opened his own fashion house, which "sheathe" Robert De Niro, Chris North, Mickey Rourke. Savoie created costumes for musicals, including to "Evita". He also designed the interior for nightclubs.

Michelle Savoie loved motorcycles, Art Deco era, crime films and tattoos.