Feb 15, 2014

Debby Ryan announces first album 'One' for June to

Debby Ryan announces first album 'One' for June to
Just to be an actress, Debby Ryan is not enough. She wants to make a name as a singer. Together with her band "The Never Ending" working on her first album. 

The plate is titled "One" and is already on 24 June hit the stores. "The album does not exist because I wanted to make an album", the "Jessie" star said in an interview with the, Billboard 'magazine.

"It probably exists in spite of myself as an actress I tell the stories of others and that gives me a certain feeling of security. But I have developed this insatiable desire to tell stories out of my head and speak from my heart. "

Only in December took Debby and her band, a cover of the song" Santa Baby "and placed it with a matching music video online.

The album consists of nine songs and helped Debby Ryan to find her voice. "It's happy, it's fun, it's love and stubborn, it's broken, hurt and healing."

"My band members are my best friends and the most real guys I ever met. To know that I can tell them each side of a story without having to judge me ... this is such a great feeling. Instead, they help me to convey the stories correctly. You have truly become my brothers. "