Feb 6, 2014

Danila Kozlovsky in the trailer of the film Dubrovsky

While in Hollywood audience greeted the film "Vampire Academy", appeared in Russia trailer another film featuring Danila Kozlovsky "Dubrovsky". Director of the film was Alexander Vardanov and company star "Legends of number 17" on the set was lovely Claudia Korshunova.

The basis of the tape lay titled "bandit" a novel by Alexander Pushkin. Kozlowski in the film adaptation of the classic works starred Korshunova played in the film Masha Troyekurov.

Plot of the film is known to all: the protagonist's father died, and he is ready to do anything to avenge the honor of a parent. Dubrovsky befriends a bitter enemy of his father, Troyekurov to ultimately destroy his life. A clear plan for the young man broke out feel to violate daughter Troekurova.

Learn what the outcome of this love story, and that win in the end, passion or desire for revenge, everyone can already March 6. Agree distributors made a great gift to all admirers of Daniel to the International Women's Day.