Feb 27, 2014

Christina Aguilera and Matt Rattler marry in March?

Christina Aguilera and Matt Rattler

That's the news! According to recent reports in the Western press, Christina Aguilera and Matt Rattler tie the knot in the near future - in March.

A source close to the couple claims that such rapid developments insists the singer herself - she wants to accelerate the process for fear of too much gain extra pounds during pregnancy, which, as you remember, reported less than a week ago .
Christina and Matt want to get married next month. They tend to winter theme celebration. Most likely, the wedding will take place in Matt's home state - New Jersey.

Aguilera has already chosen a dress, but her fear that she began to gain weight rapidly. She did not want to look great in wedding pictures.
However, another source close to the star insists that reports on marriage lovers - fiction and do not correspond to reality.