Feb 27, 2014

Broke Julia Pieper on lovesickness?

Biathlete Julia Pieper adopted on 16 February in Winterberg life. Police have now confirmed first determination results in a further opinion.

A spokesman for the local police told Celebrity Flash:
"The whole thing is tragic and sad, but it is suicide a third party negligence can be excluded to exact details and reasons there will be no information You must attend to the friends and relatives... . thinking

Unlike previously thought, the young woman is but apparently not be broken on the pressure to perform in sports but to lovesickness. Julia and her friend are supposed to have quarreled violently in her parents' home on the day of the tragedy, after which the situation escalated in the afternoon. The 21-year-old it was he who chose the number of the emergency call

on Facebook he took leave of his dead girlfriend.. "Now you'll always belong to me ... a lifetime Just as you have always wished you .. * forever * Penguin Power "Very big in his side there is a pic of him and Julia from happy times.