Feb 24, 2014

Breast surgery? Alessandra Ambrosio shows enormous stem

Alessandra Ambrosio Breast surgery

At a party of Brazilian Vogue in Sao Paulo, the Victoria Secret Secret model, however, all eyes moved last Friday not only because of the bright pink color of her evening gown at: The zeigefreudige neckline of the dress revealed a sumptuous décolletage, the Alessandra Ambrosio almost entgegenplumpste counterparts. As the viewer inevitably raises the question: What happened here?

A few weeks ago appeared Alessandra's bust size less bulky lot. Has the beautiful underwear Angel subsided about the knife? These sweeping curves the assumption might in fact, the 32-year-old got a bit nachgeholfen nature. Even with a top model is expected after breastfeeding two children have slammed gravity - but Alessandra's stem is like a one. Good Genes or gifted Beauty Doc? The white probably only Alessandra itself One thing is certain, however: Great looks twice Mama always made!

Breast surgery

Alessandra Ambrosio Breast surgery