blackjack! 50,000 dollars Not that Paris Hilton would have enough in their account

Lucky you! Paris Hilton cleans up at blackjack

The hotel heiress has won $ 50,000 in gambling

Not that Paris Hilton would have enough in their account. Since last Sunday, 50,000 U.S. dollars again (about 37,000 euros) came about. The blonde admitted in Atlantic City starting at blackjack.

Paris Hilton posted its profit on Instagram

My dissolute life was also rewarded on Sunday with a fat profit.

After a gig as a DJ in the gambler's paradise Atlantic City (where she supposedly already earned $ 100,000), the 32-year-old tried at blackjack - with surprising success

On Instagram posted Paris Hilton her fat booty. $ 50,000!

"At the blackjack table. # Killingit" wrote the It Girl of the finely strung bucks.
Since the next shopping trip but is actually nothing in the way ...

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