Feb 13, 2014

Bizzle: Justin Bieber is the cool rapper

Who did Justin Bieber to prove something here that? It's nothing new that the Bieber now likes to surround himself with rappers, in the hope that their dubious Image rubs off on him. For this reason, there was now a small change of name in the pop star. 

The likely to have occurred even one or the other diehard Bieber fan a little weird because Justin used his Instagram profile for it to add itself a new identity . A few days ago his fans visited no longer have the page of "justin bieber" but of "Bizzle". What you probably should keep them? He wanted his buddies how Soulja Boy, now make equal and give a cool rapper name? However, "Bizzle" there were only a few hours on the weekend, then went right back to Bieber himself back. But that may be another reason, because a rapper with this name already exists, the course has little desire that Justin Bieber running around with his name. But as evidenced by photos, Justin hung among the latest ones P. Diddy in the recording studio from - start now so but soon his career as a cool bully rapper?