Feb 18, 2014

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon will spend the whole day with a fan for 10 $

Ben Affleck and Matt charity

Friends and colleagues of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon went back to their good deeds. So, Hollywood actors invite all who wish to spend time with them for a fee - it's about the symbolic sum of ten dollars.

However, not everything is so simple the lucky ones who get the chance to spend a day with the stars, can be only one people. Determine the winner of the lot.

Charity action from the actors was invented in order to collect money to assist the residents of the Congo. All funds raised will be directed to the organization of Eastern Congo and Water.org Initiative, whose founders are precisely Affleck and Damon.

Worth noting that in videoprizyve stars, which appeared online a few days ago, my friends could not dispense with quips and jokes about each other that fans of the film industry figures, certainly appreciated.

But the jokes are not over - after a while Damon again became the object of ridicule from Affleck, which this time joined Jimmy Kimmel.

All started with the fact that broadcaster retvitnul post actor calling to participate in it with a friend charity event. Word for word, and already the main topic of conversation turned Damon reluctance to join social networking.
Matt might be too afraid to Twitter, because nobody loved him.
This Kimmel created the hashtag # FaxingMattDamon. However

actor did not even think to take offense and even more jokes colleagues leave unanswered. So, Matt offenders sent a fax with a picture of his fifth point and signed it:
Dear Ben and Jimmy. This is my fax number. Love MD. 

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