Feb 12, 2014

Bachelor Katja: first photo after the operation

Bachelor Katja: first photo after the operation

Hard Days for undergraduate Katja - in the headlines, it goes haywire while they themselves must deal with a nasty eye surgery. Just recently there was a first photo after the operation, on the suffering Katja looks to the ground, now the mood is however probably already feeling better. 

"I'm on the mend and will not let me down" Katja already wrote to the hospital photo. Now she logs in again on Facebook and reassured her fans: "Good morning, lovelies.? Kiki and I start the day relaxed and cuddly on the couch you looking forward already on The Bachelor tonight"

Katja has made it cozy, drinking something hot, snuggles up with Kiki and makes their day under the motto of 'wait and see'. Tonight we will see them again in top form at Bachelor. Hopefully, her eye will recover quickly. Reports that she had to undergo another operation, could not be confirmed by RTL. . Katja is temporarily unable to speak and only on medical leave until the end of the week