Feb 27, 2014

Alain Vodonaeva settles in St. Petersburg

Alain Vodonaeva settles in St. Petersburg

TV presenter Alain Vodonaeva than once confessed that her liking nomadic life. Now exalted star settles in St. Petersburg, where she was suddenly find themselves on arrival from Paris.

«I'm a little settles in St. Petersburg. Already fallen in love with one grocery store, bought a winter clothing and even found a beauty salon with massage unreal - Vodonaeva reported on progress. - That it happens in life. Maybe then somehow if I want, I'll tell you this story ».

How long Alain Vodonaeva remain in the northern capital, is unknown. However, it is exactly what the summer she and her son spend in Spain. There is already looking for a sports school presenter for Bogdan.

Recall that last summer Vodonaeva Child held in France. They were vacationing in the resort city on the French Riviera - Antibes