Feb 17, 2014

Actress Olga Pogodina married presenter Alexei Pimanova

Actress Olga Pogodina married presenter Alexei Pimanova

Connect a pair of joint work. Five years ago, together they filmed "The Man in my head." Olga was one of the producers and played a major role. A director Alexei performed. Ready entire film crew were even in a women's prison. Olga filed idea, driven noble mission - on the eve of March 8 to support women who find themselves in a difficult situation behind barbed wire.

Later, when Pogodin asked how her work with harsh Pimanovym (they collaborated and after the filming of "Men ..."), she coyly replied: "Fantastic! And in general, a good movie is born only in love! »

But everyone thought that it was a creative alliance - a romantic relationship component pair did not advertise. And here's a surprise. It remains to add that before Olga was married to a businessman. And Alex was married to journalist Valentina Pimanovym, have an adult daughter Daria.