Feb 12, 2014

Accusation: Is Julia Roberts guilty of Nancy death?

The death of Julia Roberts' half-sister raises more and more questions. Just recently detailed online posts of the deceased were discovered, shot violently against Julia. Now was supposed to be a suicide note was found, which makes the Hollywood star to blame. 

Until now, only states that Nancy Motes died of a drug overdose. Due to their fragile makeup before her death, however, it was not away that she could have intentionally taken his own life at that dose. A farewell letter is to prove this conjecture now. An unspecified source told now facing New York Daily News: "It was certainly a suicide She left a five-page suicide note Investigators have found him..." These rumors, however, were not confirmed by either side. On three sides of this letter, Nancy is supposed to describe that Julia Roberts is said to have driven her to suicide. A page is dedicated to her mother and describe the deep and loving feelings of the deceased to her. On another page, the 37-year-old apologize to her fiance for their actions.

Julia Roberts commented yet not to hard accusations. Should Nancy her half-sister really blame it on her suicide, that would be a heavy blow for the actress.