Feb 28, 2014

20 kilos less: So proud of Melissa Joan Hart

A fan of the Hollywood lean delusion she never was, instead, always stood Melissa Joan Hart already to her feminine figure and knew to put this perfectly. Unwell the actress has still felt a long time. But now she has finally won the battle against the baby pounds and presents her body again proudly in public.

Melissa Joan Hart weight loss

When Celebrity ladies are photographed in a bikini, which is usually done secretly by paparazzi. Melissa Joan Hart, however, has deliberately chosen to be in the swimsuit photograph for promotional purposes, even though it does not match any questionable Size 0-ideal. For Melissa is an important step, as she explains ET: "I felt well prepared and confident I've ever worn a bikini, not even when I was at the beach now, in front of the cameras and my husband and all of these people a swimsuit.. to carry, is nerve-wracking, but very satisfying. " Whole 20 kilos Melissa has declined since the birth of her third child, but her figure stood more in the background. "For me it was the most important thing to bond with my child and not to lose weight. So I waited until I had the time to put my figure in the foreground."

Not only Melissa is contesting all the exaggerated ideals of beauty to defend, she also knows to set the right priorities and has not lost her own appearance, despite their children out of the eye. That is always a reason to be proud of yourself.

Melissa Joan Hart weight loss