Jan 26, 2014

Volochkova continues to receive gifts from friends and fans

Anastasia noted birthday on January 20, but still continues to receive gifts from friends and fans, happy talking about them in his microblog. 

So, before the performance in the metropolitan entertainment complex dedicated to the holiday, one of the fans gave her a ballerina in a jewelry gift. On his page on Instagram Anastasia Volochkova published photographs of jewelry, without specifying the name of the donor.

It is expected to receive gifts at the celebration tomorrow in DR Golden Palace ... and I accept them today. So nice! 

She commented one of the images.

Ballerina also noted that these decorations will make up part of her collection stolen last spring:

 Apparently, there are willing to make a collection stolen from me six months ago ornaments .

Recall that in April 2013 Volochkovoj house was robbed. Criminals have learned from home Anastasia money, jewelry and two secret safe.