Jan 21, 2014

Victoria Beckham said that he would never perform with Spice Girls

Fortunately, fans of popular 90s group Spice Girls had the opportunity to see their idols in full force at the London Olympic. It was their last show, and as such, it seems, will remain.

Former member of the band, and now fashion designer Victoria Beckham told the Italian edition of Vanity Fair Italy, that he would never join former colleagues at the scene.

"I will never again do not do it. Speech at the Olympic was a great honor for me. I'm so proud that we did it, was happy for Britain, for my countrymen, the fans who were able to see this show. It was the perfect moment to say goodbye to the audience, to thank her, but no more. It is time to know when to leave the party, "- said the former Posh Spice. 

Victoria enthusiastically told also about the days spent with Geri Halliwell, Mel B, Mel C and Emma Bunton. Recall that the group officially disbanded in 2000. Girls trying to make a solo career. Someone got it, some do not, but all attempts were. At Victoria's musical career (solo) did not work, but she did not leave creativity - has become a designer. Soon she married David Beckham, and bore him four children: three sons, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, as well as the long-awaited daughter Harper.

After working for famous brand Marc Jacobs, Victoria in 2008 opened his own clothing line, which for some According brings it over 100,000 pounds per day. Now in her clothes many celebrities go. Among others Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet, Beyonce, Cameron Diaz and others.

Victoria Relationship with girls, to tell the truth, were never perfect. At the last party after the show, dedicated group, Posh Spice kept apart. While the girls had fun, she communicated only with your spouse and steam-three celebrities. But other participants gelz band, did not seem to notice her absence. Then, perhaps, the band has never reunited more precisely at the whim of Victoria, and without which there is musical life than earning a living.