Jan 3, 2014

Ustinenko and Gobozov a scandal in the New Year Eve

Fans of the TV project "Дом-2"(Dom-2) actively discussing web how their favorites celebrate. It was learned that Alexander Gobozov and Aliana Ustinenko met the new year in a karaoke club that belongs Tigran Salibekovu. On the Internet, there were rumors that the couple Sasha and Aliana Ustinenko sort things out in a raised voice, insulted each other. Olga, Sasha's mom Gobzova, drank too much and began to demand an apology from the daughter, what Aliana Ustinenko  said another portion of insults. Sasha tried to separate the women. When Gobozov learned that cause intoxication mother Rustam became the sun, which is constantly filled glass pensioner Gobozov attacked Solntseva, men had to separate the guards of the club, and Olga called an ambulance and was given a sedative.