Jan 21, 2014

Tina Karol refused to be the most beautiful

Ukrainian singer Tina Karol refused to participate in the contest "The most beautiful people of Ukraine" - the award, which is presented annually magazine «Viva!». Tina has twice been recognized as the "most beautiful" and 9 times on the cover of this magazine, which is a record of gloss in the world. But this year the actress refused to participate.

Tina Karol

Fans of the singer on the social networks resent why their favorite not on the list of nominees for the award known magazine «VIVA!». As reported by the "Today" the press service of the singer Tina Karol not on the list of nominees for its own request. At the same time, the press service assured that the singer has a great relationship with the magazine, and this decision was taken by the singer exclusively personal reasons.

Note that Tina Karol twice previously is awarded the "Most Beautiful" and magazine VIVA! nine times the singer posted on its cover, which was an absolute record in the world of gloss. At the same time, Google and Yandex named Tina Karol "The most popular woman of 2013", whose name Ukrainians most searched for in these search engines on the Internet.

This year, the screens will also documentary "The Power love and Voices ", which tells about the fate of creative and life of the singer. Carol is now a solo concert tour across the country, which ends February 26 and 27 solo concerts in the capital in the National Palace "Ukraine".