Jan 26, 2014

The House Selena Gomez tried to penetrate an attacker

Yesterday morning in the House Selena Gomez in California tried to sneak a 19-year-old man named Juan Daniel Garcia.

Selena Gomez

One family member Gomez called the Rescue 911 when he saw the attacker on the property.

Portal TMZ reports that the young man explained his actions as a police officer:

I wanted to see the singer alive.

Officers immediately arrested the offender

note until it is unknown whether Gomez at this point the home. Two hours after the incident, 21-year-old Gomez has posted a photo of the social network in a recording studio and signed it "Therapy". It is unclear whether the definition of the crime on its property or to arrest Justin Bieber.

By the way, Selena already faced harassment fans: In 2011 her attention sought 48-year-old Thomas roamer who claimed that Gomez - his soul mate, and then threatened to kill her. As a result, she received from law enforcement protection for three years.

Meanwhile, on Friday, 21-year-old girlfriend Selena Demi Lovato told TV host Ryan Seacrest that after his arrest Bieber Gomez "feels good":

We are very, very close. Last night I gave her all the necessary advice. Everything remained between us. I love it.

Be recalled, just a few hours after news of the arrest of Justin in Miami, Gomez and Lovato went for dinner in West Hollywood. Tabloids immediately put emphasis on the fact that Selena "fun on the full", while her ex-boyfriend is going through hard times. 

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez