Jan 1, 2014

Taylor Swift outraged neighbors construction work

Taylor Swift relationship with its neighbors in Rhode Island are spoiled: according to the newspaper The Day, the singer, whose house is valued at $ 17 million, conducts construction work without proper permission. As a result, according to the journalist, suffer coastline and residents access to your favorite beach is limited.

The photographs in the publication of the workers moved boulders on the coast near the Swift mansion, located in Watch Hill. Further, the newspaper claims that after the construction works local surfers supposedly can not play sports.

Note, 24-year-old singer bought a house in April 2013 after the sale of real estate in Hyannis Port, where lived next to an ex-boyfriend Conor Kennedy .

Nevertheless, it appears that everything is legitimate all have permission from Taylor. The representative of the Council on administrative resources of Rhode Island Laura Dwyer commented on the situation magazine The Providence Journal, stating that there was a huge misunderstanding:

Large boulders were there historically. We have photographic evidence of previous owner - just stones were covered with sand. When representatives of the Swift came to us with a project, it is we asked them to move the stones as close as possible to the sea. It all started during Hurricane Sandy - his stone wall stood. All permits Taylor received on November 6. Local residents need not worry, as the construction will not prevent them staying on the beach East Beach. Guarantee.

Recall recently Taylor Swift completed a world tour Red Tour concert in Melbourne, Australia.

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