Jan 20, 2014

Stars support Zhanna Friske

Today, when confirmed information about the terrible diagnosis made by Zhanna Friske, many colleagues of the singer turned to her with words of support. So, wishes health star passed Kandelaki, Oxana Fedorova, Dibrov group "Disco Crash", recorded in his time with the singer duo Julia Savicheva Tigran Keosayan and others.

Recall that today on the official site Zhanna Friske statement was issued her common law husband, TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev. He confirmed that the singer had cancer and addressed the audience with a single request - "to support us with a kind word and a prayer".

It is made by the Russian celebrity.


I'd like to support Zhanna Friske and wish her a speedy recovery and strength! Dima and Jeanne, I'm sure you can do it!

Oxana Fedorova:

At such moments, the main thing - to be near loved ones were. However, patience and the belief that Joan pass this test. She is strong. I will pray for her. 

Oxana Fedorova
Oxana Fedorova
Soloists of the "Disco Crash":

Please, let us all pray for the health of Zhanna Friske. Strength and patience to you and your loved ones! Everything will be fine. We believe.

Anfisa Chekhova:

Hold on, please, fight against this challenging disease! I'd like to see your incredible smile, hear your voice and to warm your light!! Zhannochka, pray for you, I think constantly and really looking forward to the good news!!!! 

Anfisa Chekhova
Anfisa Chekhova

Iosif Kobzon:

I wish a speedy recovery to Zhanna. If you need any help - I'm ready. Fortunately, Joan has a husband - the father of her child Dmitry Shepelev - and parents. She is not alone.

Julia Savicheva:

News about Joan terrible. Let's all wish her to go through this terrible ordeal and be healthy! Fasten, Zhanna, we're!

Tigran Keosayan:

Janna Friske-health and ineradicable desire to live. And all of us - tact and compassion.

Tigran Keosayan
Tigran Keosayan

 Zhanna, we are with you! If you need anything, we are always there - write, call immediately. Really loves Russia, People's Artist of you. Retweet ...

Natalie Podolsky:

Zhannochka, dear! Hold on! The whole country will be praying! And who is familiar with you and who is not! Everyone knows that you're a fighter! Believe!!! 

Alexander Panayotov:

 Zhanna Friske I wish a speedy recovery! Courage, strength and patience to her and her family!!!

Kate Gordon:

Jeanne! Hold on! We are all with you!!! 


Zhanna Friske has cancer ... My deepest sympathy. And support.

Became known that the singer Lolita already organized to raise funds for the treatment of  Zhanna. LifeNews cites Lolita:

I am not a close friend, I am a colleague, a man who truly appreciates Joan for many years. I want to say that it is incredibly bright, and kind person, and positive. And anyway, it's a great human uncommon to have a woman and was smart, and beautiful, kind and unenvious. My colleagues and I once learned phoned and decided to raise funds and deliver them to the family of  Zhanna.

There are millions of cases, and I've seen these people, too, when in the fourth stage of inoperable cancer, people have found the strength to disease control and emerged victorious from this struggle ... I wish that all who now says about the disease  Zhanna set up its only that the internal capacity and internal forces are able to compete with any disease.

Join the words to express all the colleagues of  Zhanna Friske