Jan 30, 2014

Spectators supported channel Rain

Continuing history channel "Rain", from which refused to cooperate with several cable networks. Yesterday, in a live program Online TV presenter Anna Mongait asked viewers to support channel, complained to their operators or replacing them.

Anna Mongait channel Rain

Today it became known that "Rain" is gradually returning to television operators packages. Thus, the channel re-broadcasts on "NTV-Plus", as well as in the capital "Rostelecom".

President's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said yesterday that from a legal point of view, one can hardly speak about closing the channel, noting this:

This question is, shall we say, moral, ethical, and it is beyond the permissible with moral and ethical point of view for our people. This you may not like it, but I absolutely share the view of those who believe and say that the channel has passed all the facets of the permissible.

Recall that the attacks on "Rain" began after placement on the channel's website survey on besieged Leningrad on "Was it necessary to pass Leningrad to save thousands of lives?"

poll was on the portal just a few minutes, and then was shot by Ilya KLISHIN chief editor, apologized for the mistake employees. However, the publication has caused wide public resonance.

Criticized the channel made a number of politicians and public figures, including deputy Irina Spring and Yevgeny Fyodorov, as well as Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina.

January 28th president Cable TV Association of Russia and one of the owners, "Acad" Yuri Pripachkin proposed operators disable broadcasting channel "Rain».

General Director of "Rain" Natalia Sindeeva believes that the real reason for such actions against active channel - which was released in November story senior officials of the cottages on the shore of Istria.

Meanwhile, Internet users signed a petition to prevent tripping channel "Rain". Already collected more than 19,000 signatures. In his own Facebook Natalia Sindeeva thanked the audience for their support:

How I wish all those who stood up for us mountain, hug! And I had probably cry to hear from you all accumulate lots of love, emotion, effort! I am strong, and thanks to all of you, we will work and everything will be fine! We are optimistic channel!! Thank you! And now someone has created a petition. Subscribe!

Sindeeva Also published tweeted a link to the survey, passing on the site "NTV Plus". According to his results against the use of "Rain" have voted more than 80 percent of respondents.

We spoke on the situation with the "Rain" and celebrities. So, Ksenia Sobchak tweeted:

I learned that is "poll" can be immoral. And I think that can only be immoral answers. 

Michael IDOV published on Facebook page recorded conversation with his grandmother-blokadnitsey that the question of whether the question of "Rain" blasphemous, said:

any questions you can ask in a dispute born truth, and if they can have different opinions, so they should be. 

Vladimir Posner interview assessed the situation as:

I do not think that in the end everything will end that "Rain" will cease to broadcast, it would be wrong, but again I say, there are such fatal errors, and then how many times does not apologize, how many times do not say that this is an organized attack, as some say, it's all nonsense. This is a lesson that I hope channel "Rain" and his staff have learned, maybe that will teach him to be a little less arrogant, a little less to have a sense of superiority towards others. Just to really understand what journalism is what you do. I will defend you if you ask me. But nevertheless, what you did is unacceptable.

Note that, according to the guidelines "Rain", to dismiss employees who have placed online poll about the siege of Leningrad, not planned.