Jan 22, 2014

Singer and songwriter Psy prepares a new video for YouTube

Psy fans prepares new hit "video" With the clip the singer helped Snoop Dogg.

Singer and songwriter Psy prepares a new video for YouTube. According to South Korean record label YG Entertainment will soon submit it hit that will surprise viewers. After "Gangnam Style" singer has become popular around the world and won a record number of hits. Clip "Gentleman" not met the expectations and became less successful. But 36-year-old singer was not upset, and began recording studio album and video to it.

Work on filming has been completed. Psy intrigues his fans and opens almost any secrets. Only known about his collaboration with G-Dragon and popular Korean boy band Bigband. In addition, Twitter pop singer posted a photo with Snoop Dogg. Perhaps this picture from filming.

Famous rapper not only starred in the movie Psy, but also participated in the creation of his album which will be released in February this year. It is said that helped the singer and leader of the rock band Aerosmith Steven Tyler.