Jan 3, 2014

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber: former met again!

Not everything is perhaps not entirely completed between the starlet and Canadian singer, since they both met again yesterday ...

Last December, tired of always being linked to her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez was the crisp clear to her fans that she had moved on and she did not want to be told about him .. .

"It's been over a year now ... Please know that my thoughts are only mine. Believe me, I did not need a man to define my decisions or that I post on Instagram. This is silly ... We went to something else so now you should do the same. (I send you) a lot of love and respect. Always "she had then wrote on his Instagram account.

These words ring true today especially since it would seem in fact that the starlet "made in Disney" has not really made a cross on the Canadian star!

Filmography And because Selena and Justin were spotted together just yesterday (Thursday, 2 January) when they were a ride Segways on the streets of Calabasas, California, where the singer resides.

interpreter as Hold Tight 19 years old and the singer of the hit Come & Get It 21 years old parted there a while now and had not been seen together for months .

It is even rumored that the recent overwork Selena was due to her break she had not digested ...
one who had a break in his career- she finally decided to give a chance to his first love?

What is certain is that both were indeed reviewed in the company of another friend (see photos HERE). To be continued.