Jan 2, 2014

Russian singer Ani Lorak slapped [Video]

Sergey Lazarev and Ani Lorak a fight in the style of the movie "The Matrix", acting in a promotional video show "Voice of the country. Reloaded".

In the story mentors talent show (except Lorak and Lazarev judge vociferous nuggets of people will frontman "Okean Elzy" Vakarchuk and Russian singer Tamara Gverdtsiteli) in the truest sense of the word fight for future charges. That's Ani Lorak with Sergey Lazarev met in melee, defending the right of "owning" the pleasant voice. Received a powerful blow to the face from Sergei, Carolina immediately respond to such blatant arrogance, sending Lazarev knockout big hit with both feet squarely in the chest.

Gverdtsiteli Vakarchuk and demonstration of proficiency in kung fu in the movie is not pleased, but what worth a frame in which the leader of the "MA" falls through the ceiling into the room "potential victim" show ... Which, in turn, sighs wearily at the camera: "Finally, my voice someone struggling and not for my luxurious body" .