Jan 18, 2014

Russell Brand fell in love again

Hollywood actor Russell Brand "deeply in love" in Jemima Khan.
38-year-old comedian, ex-husband of popular singer Katy Perry, with whom they split in December 2011 after 14 months of marriage, said that the new relationship "very different "from those he had ever been, and he's incredibly happy.

Russell Brand

On Jonathan Ross show actor came with a dog Jemima. On the question of what will happen to a dog if they go out, Russell said, "Do not even say this, buddy. I'm really in love with her. It would have broke my little heart ».

« I became very good in these respects, they changed me. They are very different from the relationship that I have had before. I feel that they are based on friendship and love, and it's just wonderful, exciting, I've never been that way, "- shared with the audience love the actor. About his new lover Russell also could not help but say a few nice words: "She is gorgeous, beautiful woman».

Brand, who originally was famous for more than a close relationship with alcohol, heroin and sex, and in fact became more calm. Russell drew attention to spirituality and positive attitude towards life: "I spend time in meditation and spiritual things, and now I feel myself very, very good. As a result, I think I attract positive events in their lives. "