Jan 15, 2014

PR director Zhanna Friske denies rumors of illness singer

Today the network has information that Zhanna Friske seriously ill and sent to Germany for treatment. Became the primary source portal Lifenews. In addition, journalists argue that the singer Tatiana Tereshina confirmed disease Jeanne.

According to the publication, Frisco allegedly seen in the infirmary Sheremetyevo Airport, where she was taken to a medical gurney. The singer was accompanied by common-law husband Dmitry Shepelev. Couple checked on a flight to Germany.

PR director Anisa singer Ashiq contrast, denied the rumors in an interview with RIA Novosti news agency, saying that Friske completely healthy and lives in Miami.

Nikolai Uskov comments in Twitter:

Sad news about Jeanne Friske. Write that seriously ill. Bright, cheerful person. Forces her!

He later added:

If true about Jeanne Friske - say it's a good omen. Thank God!

Tatiana Tereshina also does not believe in the disease Jeanne:

short, friends and well-wishers Jeanne Friske. We all hope that what you have written about it - not true. She learned from layfnyuz and upset.

Nothing more I do not know! I hope that this is a lie of journalists, which I naively kupilas. May God bless all health and even those who invents it. 

Zhanna Friske