Jan 16, 2014

Potatoes, shorts and ice cubes: what can ruffle Elizabeth II?

If you ever get an appointment with the Queen of Great Britain, do not try to stroke her favorite dogs, solve a crossword puzzle in her seat with a dictionary or common table for your child. It turned out that in the royal palace has a secret list of those things that can not stand Elizabeth II. Somehow penetrate this mystery palace managed correspondents Us Weekly.

And that, according to them, is included in the list of "irritants" Her Majesty:

Potatoes: it never served to the table when the queen dines alone.

Soups: they leave royals completely indifferent.

Children at the table: the table is no place for kids queens who have not learned good manners.

three-piece suit: it believes that such ensembles worth wearing only a servant.

word "pregnancy": according to Her Majesty, the term is too vulgar. When it is necessary to speak about a woman expecting replenishment, "she marital status".

When people touch her dogs: Elizabeth, as you know, loves his dogs breed corgi and, as it turns out, can not stand when someone -is trying to stroke.

dictionaries: want to ruffle queen - start with her to solve a crossword puzzle, referring to a dictionary. She believes it is "fraud".

Shorts: men in shorts in the palace is not the place.

Frustrated musical instruments: music playing for the queen should sound harmoniously.

Long sermon: this church ritual should not last longer than 12 minutes.

Ice Cubes: Elizabeth hate knock that they make, so put her drinks on ice chips exclusively circular shape.

"Not real" bow ties: they say the queen from a distance of 20 steps can determine which butterfly on man - a real, you want to tie, or "the fake" - an elastic band (a version of this accessory Her Majesty does not approve of).

Well what can I say, one of us asked his little oddities!