Jan 2, 2014

Paris Hilton: Perhaps I will have two weddings

Paris Hilton said about relations with the Spanish male model Reaver Viiperi in an interview with British magazine OK! Note that the young man 32-year-old socialite '22.

Hilton admitted that she does not want pretentious wedding:

Well, we're together for only one year, but we are happy. We do not think about marriage too early. Sometimes I want a small and modest ceremony - it's more romantic. But at the same time, I have such a big family and so many friends around the world that may be, I'll make two weddings.

Paris - older sister Nicky, Barron and Conrad, so she feels responsible. When she will have a family, she would give birth to girls and one boy, so he watched the sisters:

One day I would like to start a family, but at the moment I am traveling around the world and are constantly flying, so that I'm busy the next few years.

Incidentally, in the same interview, Hilton talked about her diet:

I try to eat healthy, especially lately, but I love fast food like Fetburgera. I see that in the show business, there are people who feel the pressure of public opinion.

I love Pilates - if I'm at home, then do five times a week with a trainer. If I travel, I go to the fitness center or swim in the hotel.

Paris could not comment on his collection of shoes that viewers could see the tape in Sofia Coppola's "Elite Society" with Emma Watson starring:

Total I have more than a thousand pairs of shoes. Her so much, because I have and designer - I have my own line of shoes for the past 8 years. I also get a lot of samples of shoes, because I am a fashion designer. I love Christian Louboutin. All girls love shoes!

Recall that in December Paris Hilton came to Ufa, Krasnoyarsk and Moscow, including - as a DJ. According to Paris itself, it is one of the five most highly paid DJs in the world, although Forbes magazine not agree with it. According to TMZ.com portal for one set Hilton gets about 350 thousand dollars.

Paris Hilton and River Viiperi