Olga Shelest and her new lips

TV presenter and young mother Olga Shelest notes January 23 my birthday birthday girl has already boast a major gift that received from the civil wife Alexei Tishkina. "This man gave his lips on DR" - wrote in Shelest "Instagrame" folded with a face hilarious. Not immediately guess that it is not about injections to increase this part of the face, which so successfully parodied Olga, and on jewelry.

Ears were presenter - one of the fashion accessory of the season, earrings brand Delfina Delettrez, made in the form of the lips and adorned with pearls and precious stones. The cost of such a model is a half thousand euros. The idea of ​​earrings, but like other designer creations, very ironic and original. In the ornaments of this brand have already appeared in public Miley Cyrus and Beyonce.

fashion accessory Olga Shelest

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