Jan 29, 2014

Of lovers: Rihanna ignores Rita Oru

A couple of years ago, Rihanna and Rita Ora were not spill water: fun girl standing in nightclubs together, attending social events and laid out in a joint pictures Instagram, shouting about their great love for each other. It is not known that friendship celebrities went wrong, but if you believe the tabloids, from the old tender feelings no trace.

Rita Ora and Rihanna
Rita Ora and Rihanna in 2012
According to the source, at the last party, dedicated to the ceremony Grammy, girls did not communicate. According to eyewitness, Rihanna at a pre-party prize ignored Rita and pretended not familiar with it.

Guests of the party recognized that from the situation looked very funny: cute brunette communicate with everyone around, including ex-girlfriend's boyfriend Calvin Harris, and paid no attention to itself Oru, which stood two feet away from her.

As stated by an insider, the blonde looked a little surprised and it seemed that she did not understand what was happening and which explains the strange behavior of Rihanna. Maybe a common friend girls Kara Devlin can clarify what happened?

Rihanna ignores

Rihanna ignores

Rita Ora