Jan 3, 2014

No longer desperate: Eva Longoria enjoys comfortable

Hollywood actress, best known for the television series "Desperate Housewives" Eva Longoria gave herself all the charms stay in warmer climates. Christmas holidays celebrity spends about fun in the pool with friends.

Photo report it immediately posted to the social network. The picture shows the actress flaunts her fit body in a bathing suit, pulling themselves vest son Manuelito.

«Who needs a lifeguard?" - Signed picture Longoria.

Sexy brunette denied, exactly where it rests, but it is known that celebrate New Year's Eve, she went with a few friends. "Goodbye, LA! Destination - New Year! We're on our way! "- Singer signed under photo on the eve of the exposed. The photo shows a group of people on a background of a private jet.

Recall that not so long ago Eva was mad at one edition of reporters who wrote lies about her future plans. They wrote that the star is going to play in three soap operas, one of which must play Longoria mother party "Dancing with the Stars' William Levy. The fact that she is already credited role older women is probably the most outraged Eve.

She described his frustration on Twitter: "How can people write such things? Not one word of what was said was not true! They even invented a false quote! Latin Post IS will be responsible for incorrect information! Melissa Kastellyanos, you should verify the information before you print it! Now rewrite it, you idiots! "