Jan 21, 2014

Nastya Kamensky told the whole truth about his pregnancy

Nastya Kamensky "pregnant" with surprising regularity - almost every year, as soon as the form of the Ukrainian singer noticeably rounded journalists ascribe an interesting position. Potap and Nastya already so tired of these news, that this time the scenic Kamenskikh partner for the next issue media said that the present waiting twins from rapper Seryoga.

Latter, incidentally, did not understand the plague Potap and asked for more so do not joke, and Potap and did disown his words. Finally, she commented on her Nastya Kamensky hyped "pregnancy».

Singer noted that in such an interesting position it for 7 years - as much as there is a duet "Potap and Nastya". According to her, the extra pounds often recruited during active touring because of irregular work schedules, frequent flights, fatigue and inability to comply with the normal diet and sports training.

This time, after another round of rumors about the pregnancy, Nastya again decided to go on a diet. Now with the growth of 173 cm Artist weighs about 80 kg, because for the next month hoping to lose at least 10 kg. Nastya said that usually first arranges cleaning the kidneys and bladder of toxins. To do this, it goes for 10 days for fruits, fresh juices and take 1 tbsp olive oil per day. This cleaning helps remove about 5 kg. Then Kamenskikh sits on a diet: refuses potatoes, sugar, flour, sausages and cheeses. Its diet consists of fruits, vegetables, fat-free yogurt. At the same time the singer eats often, but little. Nastya loves walking about 5-6 miles a day.

Potap admitted that supports Nastya in her diet. Actor joked that he checks it for strength, eating at her when she on a diet and trying to get enough leaf lettuce. Nevertheless, Potapov said he believes Kamenskikh benchmark Ukrainian beauty with delicious naturalness and curvaceous. But when Nastia is really pregnant, he promised to arrange a free concert after her.