Jan 21, 2014

Michelle Obama throws a basketball into the bassinet in announcement advantageous food

Michelle Obama

The arrangement has a funny video in which Michelle Obama appears in a fresh role - basketball. At the alpha of the band basketball drillmaster Erik Pollster interviews NBA players Dwayne Wade and Allen Freya in the White House and asks athletes about the allowances of advantageous eating.

Next in the anatomy in the accomplishments appears the U.S. First Lady, who afresh angry 50, and the acclaimed basketball amateur LeBron James. Sporsmen captivation a basketball basket, and Michelle at the time it throws the ball.

Ends video that Obama with basketball sitting on the couch in the White House and eat apples. Video is allotment of a amusing affairs aimed at active blubber in children.

Earlier, in an account with Michelle accepted that her abstruse to a abbreviate amount - a advantageous diet and exercise:

I'm not obsessed with food, I just watch what in my diet to always present vegetables and fruits. And of course, I did not forget about exercise. 
It seems that now, thanks to the fresh video featuring Michelle, we know what kind of training she prefers.

Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama: "Well, who throws so? Best I can!"