Jan 4, 2014

Michael Schumacher may remain paralyzed

Michael Schumacher is still in a hospital in Grenoble in a coma. On the state of health of the race driver on duty outside the hospital yesterday told reporters one of the victim, a former racer Shtrayff Philip, who spoke with the head of the Brain Institute and other family Schumacher surgeon Gerard Salyan.

Shtrayff says:

I doctor, I'm just passing that said Gerard Salyan. He says that the state is serious, but fortunately, a danger to life was over.

Meanwhile, he said, doctors do not rule out that the incident may result in serious consequences for Michael: in particular, the right side body paralysis and loss of voice.

Recall that Schumacher suffered a head injury while skiing in the Alps. Police has been studying camcorder recordings, which was installed on a helmet while riding a racing driver. Investigators also find out details of what happened at the 14-year-old son Mick Schumacher and his friend - they witnessed the accident.

Near the hospital where Michael is constantly are his fans. Many of them came from other cities and countries to support the rider - especially since yesterday was his birthday: Schumacher turned 45.