Madonna apologizes for racist word next to photos of the son

Madonna and Rocco

Madonna once again became the center of a scandal. Singer recently posted photos of her son Rocco Ritchie Instagram: the picture 13-year-old boy demonstrates boxing techniques.

Comment to the photo read:

Nobody associated with Dirty Soap! Mom said you knock!

At the end of 55-year-old Madonna has provided the frame abusive hashtag against blacks.

Mother of four children (17-year-old Lourdes, 8-year-old Mercy, 8-year-old David and Rocco) immediately received dozens of furious comments from fans. To put it mildly, the fans were offended. So, one of the posts read:

Madonna, instead of trying to be cool on the internet, you need to take medication for arthritis.

Minutes later singer Reload photo with another signature:

Ok, let me start again.

newly uncensored (although not racist) hashtag read:

dumps haters!

Later pop diva still apology shared with the magazine Us Weekly:

sorry if I offended anyone in Instagram, use the word with the letter "N". It was not a racist ... I'm not racist. Can not justify the use of the word. All the matter in the intention. I used it as a term of affection against his son, who belongs to the white race. I understand that this is a provocative word, and I'm sorry if people got it wrong. Excuse me.

Recall that in early January, Madonna posted a photo with a bottle of gin Rocco in hand. Then the family was vacationing in the mountains of Switzerland. Of course, alcohol and teenage son of singer caused a lot of issues. She only said that it was a joke, no one was drinking and all need to calm down.

Now Madonna is not easy - it has to rehearse on crutches. Nevertheless, it should vystupt the 56th ceremony of "Grammy" is January 26.

Rocco Ritchie
Rocco Ritchie

Rocco Ritchie and Madonna
Rocco Ritchie and Madonna

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