Jan 22, 2014

Lisa Marie,Elvis Presley's daughter abides seriously affliction

Health of the daughter of pop king Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie is in poor condition. The press about it close to the singer said the source. Larynx 45-year-old Lisa severely impaired in the future this may lead to esophageal cancer: "She was suffering from acute pain in the throat, at least 10 years and it seems that her condition was getting worse" - commented the coroner.

Lisa Marie

In the past, the accompanist articulate cords "used" aloof actuality on bout or recording fresh songs in the studio, however, recently, the abundant requests of fans, Lisa resumed her concert career and went aback to the tour. Such accomplishments could not affect the health, and alike affronted the situation. On November 23 in Cranston, Rhode Island hosted the show, which was about canceled due to poor bloom Presley.

Remarkably, the extra is not austere to his ailment, and does not accede it account the end of the concert action "Lisa Marie wants to be on date for the blow of life» Male singer, guitarist and ambassador Michael Lockwood, admitting adjoin such arduous bout wife, but still keeps it in an accomplishment to accompany a agreeable career.

herself Lisa Marie believes his affliction is not added than burnout of the articulate cords, which can not abet the actualization of cancer. Now the accompanist is aggravating to antithesis your life, beneath nervous, absorb added time with his family, and will anon acknowledgment to the stage.