Jan 29, 2014

Lindsay Lohan next movie financed by drug trafficking?

According to the New York Post, producers of the upcoming Lindsay Lohan film would not clear!

Lindsay Lohan's next movie financed by drug trafficking?

While recording a new album, the enfant terrible of the United States announced it a few days ago at the Sundance festival it would produce a new film. Great: you might think the actress completely out of the woods when she finished her rehab there a few months ... However, the New York Post provides more information on this film project, and they are not very reassuring.

Dönberg believe that the young woman did not break with the world she rubbed the time of its many debauchery. Last week it has already been seen in a hot area of ​​London. According to the website of the newspaper, Lindsay Lohan uses two knowledge to produce his new film, Inconceivable, and thus provide the necessary funds for its implementation. But now, Remington Chase and Stefan Martirosian are well known to police!

According to the Los Angeles Weekly, the two men have been singled out in particular for cocaine trafficking. They are also suspected of trafficking with the Russian oil industry and are also linked to trafficking of diamonds in Africa. The newspaper also wrote:

 "The most disturbing are the charges of murder in Moscow, accusations that Moscow police take very seriously and that it investigates" ... 

Suffice to say that Lindsay Lohan has the trouble to do!