Jan 29, 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio brought 'Wolf of Wall Street' in Tokyo

Before the award ceremony "Oscar" is a little more than a month, and one of the main contenders for the statue continues to be Leonardo DiCaprio film "The Wolf of Wall Street", and the role which earned him a nomination for the award. Now the picture is reached and Tokyo, where the premiere yesterday with the participation of Martin Scorsese, DiCaprio and John Hill.

Trinity first appeared on Photocall where posing for the cameras. It is worth noting that almost all the time Leo did not leave with the phone. Celebrity not only acted as a "model" to this day, but as a photographer who shot the assembled members of the press.

After the traditional Photocall director and actors went into the auditorium, where the heroes of the evening was a surprise for fans. In the hands of hundreds of guests were showing huge yellow handles, they met Scorsese, DiCaprio and Hill. This flash mob belonged to one of the scenes in the film where the hero Leonardo Jordan Belford teaches "lesson" of marketing and makes wards sell him a pen.

DiCaprio was glad prepared surprise fans and, of course, made a couple of pictures on memory. We should give the Japanese fans and resourcefulness poblagodapim for what caused the smile on the face of the actor.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Tokyo

Leonardo DiCaprio in Tokyo

Leonardo DiCaprio in Tokyo