Kylie Minogue presented the new single will restore health

Kylie Minogue has always loved revealing outfits and her image on the cover of Into The Blue is also not a very modest. However, having such a figure, as the singer, it can afford.

His fresh track 45-year-old star is very personal calls:

Into The Blue - a special song for me, because it absorbed much of what I felt. I look forward to its release.

Recently Kylie was a serious cause for worrying, because she broke up with Andres Valenkoso, which spent five years.

In professional terms at the same Minogue quite fruitful period: she is busy working on his next album, as well as acting as a judge on two TV show The Voice - Australian and British.

Kylie Minogue new single

Kylie Minogue new single
Cover single Into the Blue

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