Jan 17, 2014

Kim Kardashian shared photos of baby daughter

Reality TV star visited the popular show "Ellen DeGeneres," where he shared his feelings during pregnancy, as well as Kim surprised everyone with new photos of baby daughter.

Kardashian told that their joint work with rapper Kanye West's daughter Nord not has a strong temperament, but rather its angelic appearance fully consistent with the nature baby.

Kim Kardashian shared photos of baby daughter

33-year-old star admitted that during pregnancy appeared to her a real challenge: "No one would not wish what I experienced. But in fact, through all the difficulties I had to go, then to fully experience the joy of motherhood. " Kim said that only now realized that her mother, who gave birth to six children alone deserves a medal.

Six months later, after the birth of daughter, for Kardashian is still a sore point is overweight, "I was not just hard . I developed preeclampsia. This disease, which resulted in swollen hands and feet, feel constant nausea and dizziness. " Also, Kim said that because of this illness she was forced to give birth to a baby prematurely. But the young mother did not regret it, because she now has "the sweetest kid in the world».

Recall North West baby was born in July 2013.